Web Development

Web Development at The VCFF & VIYFF

While working as a Web Developer for the Vancouver Chinese Film, I have understood that the importance of being flexible with the skillsets that I am able to offer to the team as well as to take feedback and criticism coming from my supervisors and peers.

The Issues

During my experience at the Vancouver Chinese Film Festival, I learned firsthand how critical website security is for any organization. Unfortunately, during the COVID-19 pandemic, the festival's website was compromised, resulting in the loss of all their files and web domains.

I was described how these issues were very problematic as their website was their primary means of communication with their audience. Without their website, they were unable to promote their event, sell tickets, or engage with their audience.


The loss of their website was a result of a significant security breach as it gave out vulnerabilities in the website's code and unauthorized access to the website's servers.

My first job was to assess all of the problematic issues and attempt to resolve any issues that may come with it.

Security Improvements

After all security issues were addressed, The first addition that I have
implemented for everyone is to provide everyone with a working email system to be made for the business team. This was one of the first task that I was assigned to do as it was one of the most crucial tools that was lacking from the security breach. I have chosen a mailing system provider named ZOHO which would help maintain any security problems the domain may be having. ZOHO will allow employees to encrypt any emails and email accounts associated with the VCFF domain.

Automated Systems

Additionally, I was instructed to create various features that the supervisors have requested to be on the new website. I was advised to create a website that would focus a lot more on the user experience as well as the usability on how it would be found.

I have used coding tools such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript to address any back end features my supervisors would want present on the website.

These features included a donation system, an application form and the ability to redirect tickets onto our ticketing system.

For the front end, I have used a program called Mobirise which has helped me design and prototype different ideations together which has given me a template to start from which would allow me to build a website with better user experience to interact with 

Functionality overhaul

I was able to create an automated online version of the film submission and ticketing system. This was a significant improvement over the previous manual process that required filling out a form. Now, festival-goers can easily purchase tickets online through the festival's website.

The film submission process has also been streamlined through the online system. Filmmakers can now submit their films online, and the festival can easily review and manage submissions. The online system has reduced the time and effort required for the festival to manage film submissions, and it has also made it easier for filmmakers to submit their films.

Revamped Interface

Many functionalities and interfaces were also greatly improved with the new website.  A lot of the implementations that I have added were lacking from the old website, such as a translation button which would allow users to pick from either English or Traditional Chinese.  

The revamped website contained a streamlined design that would help promote efficiency and help users with accessibility to target what they are looking for on the website.

The details of the festival information can now be easily found on the website’s interface in both versions resulting in less inconsistencies found on the website. 

The Experience 

Working at the VCFF was an impactful and engaging experience for me as it gave me a glimpse of what
the industry may look like. It has shown me how to work in an environment that is heavily reliant on continuous teamwork and communication with the whole team.

The VCFF has given me insight on how to shape myself as someone that can be flexible in their own role as well as to be a team players towards others departments when in need. This experience has shown me how various departments require large amount of communication and teamwork.

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